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Heavy rains cause flooding in Armenia’s north, killing one and destroying infrastructure

Three rivers in Armenia’s north have flooded surrounding villages and towns, killing at least one person and destroying roads and bridges while cutting off several settlements, Armenia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs reported. Several citizens have been trapped in their homes while others are being …

May 26, 2024

Floods damage railway lines in Armenia, interrupting communication with Georgia for at least a few days

Armenia’s railway communication with Georgia has been interrupted for at least a few days because of flooding following…1

May 26, 2024

Rally led by Bagrat Archbishop kicks off on Republic Square (live)

A nationwide rally of the Tavush for the Motherland movement led by the leader of the Diocese of Tavush, Bagrat Archbis…1

May 26, 2024

190 people were evacuated in Lori and Tavush provinces, 73 people were rescued

As of 15:30 today, 190 people were evacuated from different settlements in the flood-hit Lori and Tavush provinces, 73 …1

May 26, 2024

Akhtala Bridge has come under water, it is impossible to cross, says mayor

The residents of those parts of Akhtala, where the houses went under water, have been evacuated. The head of the commun…1

May 26, 2024

PM Pashinyan must resign, says Bagrat Archbishop at rally

The Tavush for the Motherland movement is about having a resilient, safe, secure and stable state and lasting peace, ha…1

May 26, 2024

Our PM candidate is Bagrat Archbishop: Gurgen Melikyan

The candidate for Armenia’s prime minister of the Movement for Tavush is Bagrat Achbishop Galstanyan, Professor, Orient…1

May 26, 2024

Floods left two people dead and two missing, says minister

There are two casualties and two people are missing because of the floods that hit Armenia’s northern provinces, Minist…1

May 26, 2024

Chochkan is cut off, we will use helicopter if necessary, says village head

Both bridges leading to Chochkan village in Lori province have collapsed due to flooding and the village is cut off fro…1

May 26, 2024

Protesters gather near government mansions with Bagrat Archbishop expecting to meet with Armenia’s PM (live)

Protesters of the Movement for Tavush headed by Bagrat Archbishop Galstanyan, the head of the Tavush Diocese, have reac…1

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